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The Admiral 9″ Latex Pillow Top Boat Mattress

The Admiral 9″ Latex Pillow Top Boat Mattress


Getting a great night of sleep on your boat has never been easier.  With several boat mattress and mattress topper options to choose from, we are able to create a sleeping solution to fit all budgets.

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Bringing the comfort of home to your boat!

Do you love a plush mattress?  Wish you could lug your pillow top mattress from home down to the marina?  Then “The Admiral” is for you.  Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re in the bed of a 5 star hotel.  We turn the dial to 11 by constructing your mattress with a super comfy 6” (medium) Latex core. We then add 2” of ultra soft latex Pillow Top and cover it in the plushest of bamboo quilting. The result is truly The Leader of the Fleet!  The benefits of a latex mattress include being mold and mildew resistant, extremely comfortable, latex helps regulate body heat, which allows you to sleep cooler, and it will not absorb smells.

Each boat mattress is crafted to fit the unique size and shape of your berth.  Each boat mattress we make is crafted custom in California and built to stand up to rigors of a marine environment.  Our team of experienced mattress makers guarantee your mattress will fit or we will remake it for you…never any questions, never any hassles.  Have difficult to access storage underneath your mattress?  No problem!  We can add a hinge to your mattress at no additional cost to you!


We’ll deliver your mattress, topper or bedding right to your door or your boat wherever it may be. Installation is simple since we build your mattress to fit easily into even the tightest spaces.


If you are located in Southern California, give us a call to set up an appointment for measuring. Otherwise, we offer a very easy, user friendly place and trace measuring system to make ordering your new marine mattress a breeze!