12 Fun Gifts for the Boating Enthusiast in Your Life

Do you have an avid boater in your life but have no idea what to gift them for the holidays? Fortunately, there is a wealth of items that are valuable to boaters. After viewing this list, you shouldn’t have trouble picking the perfect gift for your water-loving companion. Choose apparel to keep them comfortable on the water, fishing gear, or items to make their day on the water more enjoyable!

1. Custom Mattress

The ultimate gift is treating your boat enthusiast to a great night’s sleep on the water. A custom made mattress from YachtBedding.com is just that—feel like you’re in your bed at home with our ever-popular Hayval mattress. It’s the world’s first custom natural mattress made specifically for the marine environment!

2. Captain’s Hat

captains hat

Every boat needs its Captain, and it shouldn’t be any secret about who the Captain is! Show that special boater in your life that they’re important and that you want them to show it. Everyone who steps foot on their boat will know they’re in charge when they see their Captain’s hat. They’ll know their Captain is about to take them on an exciting adventure!

These embroidered Captain’s hats are adjustable and are great for men, women, and kids— perfect for a day out on the boat.

3. STRIKER Fishfinder by Garmin

Chances are that you also love to fish if you own a boat. Rather than spend all day waiting for a fish to bite, let the STRIKER Fishfinder find the fish for you. The device emits high-frequency pitches that send echoes back to the boat, showing you where the fish are. The GPS feature allows you to design maps to keep track of the best fishing spots.

4. Waterproof Pack

Just because you like spending time on the water doesn’t mean you want all your belongings to get wet. Anything can happen on the water, but a dry bag can keep your most important items dry. Summit dry bags have a 20-liter capacity and are made from thermoplastic polyurethane-reinforced nylon fabric.

5. Ship In A Boat Decanter

A ship decanter is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a delicious spirit while boating with their closest friends. This beautiful decanter is hand-blown and depicts a miniature ship etched into the glass. It’s perfect for serving your favorite spirit out on the water.

6. Octopus Throw Blanket

Imagine spending your morning on a boat, surrounded by the sunrise as it gleams on the water. Nothing gets better than that, but you might feel a bit of a breeze coming in. Warm up with a beautiful Octopus throw blanket—easy to tote around your boat for when things get a bit chilly.

Nautical Octopus Throw

7. Quick-Drying Shoes

Nothing is worse than walking around in wet socks and shoes all day. When working on a boat, your feet will inevitably get wet. Waterproof boots are heavy, and sandals are unsafe. Opt instead for these light and stylish, quick-drying boat shoes from Columbia that are perfect for any boat enthusiast.

8. Anti-Spill Cup

The waves will rock your boat — it’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you have to spill your drink, too. With the Squidcup non-tip boat cup, your boat-loving friend will never have to worry about losing their drink. The portable, magnetic cup is perfect for securing your drink anywhere on your boat within seconds.

9. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music can be a great pastime while on the water. It can be stressful trying to ensure that your speaker never gets wet. Get your music-loving boater a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and put their mind at ease. It has a waterproof rating of IP67 for the most extreme conditions. It can even be submerged as far as one meter.

10. Bajio Palometa Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the perfect gift for any boater. The water reflects sunlight, so the sun appears much brighter on the water than it does on land. These high-quality Bajio Palometa sunglasses wrap around the face for complete protection. They block 95% of blue light to limit haze, eyestrain, and glare. Any boating lover will be ecstatic to have these.

11. Daiwa Coastal 80 Low-Profile Reel

Every fisherman needs a high-quality reel to take on his saltwater fishing trips. The Daiwa Coastal 80 Low-Profile Reel is lightweight, compact, and low-profile. The aluminum frame weighs nearly nothing but doesn’t sacrifice strength. The spool holds 160 yards and can hold up to 20 pounds.

12. Salt Life Thunder Jacket

It gets cold on the water, so nothing is better than having a heavy-duty, warm jacket to keep you toasty. The Salt Life thunder jacket comprises waterproof polyester fabric with sealed seams. The underarms are equipped with zippable mesh vents for aeration. The bottom of the jacket and the hood are adjustable for a tighter fit when needed.

Bonus Gift Idea 13. Tidal Wake Seat Step

Many smaller boats don’t have a proper entrance, and you must step on the seats to get in. Doing so puts wear and tear on the upholstery, causing rips and holes in the fabric. Gift your favorite boater a Tidal Wake seat step they can place on the boat’s seats before guests enter. They’ll be thanking you for helping keep their upholstery looking brand new!


Posted on: December 3, 2022