Formula 45 Bed

2009 Formula 45 Custom Boat Bedding

Formula 45 Yacht boasts state-of-the-art construction, unrivaled craftsmanship, luxurious amenities and nothing but the finest materials in every detail. With a length of 45-feet minus the bow platform and a 13-foot, 11-inch beam, our 45-foot yacht is unlike anything else you’ll see on the water. This is where excellence meets sophistication, and superiority meets authenticity. Sail away to anywhere you want to go in our luxury sport yachts. One element that makes the Formula 45 Yacht really stand out is its coupe-like top design that features a motorized sunroof which offers unparalleled views. Like the sunroof, the yacht’s windshield offers spectacular views that are only enhanced by the lack of supports at the front and the sides. This windshield design is the first of its kind in the industry, and it provides a panoramic view you can’t miss. Created by Formula’s exclusive designer of 35 years, John Adams, the Formula 45 Yacht has everything captains and their passengers could want in an eye-catching, deluxe yacht.


The 2009 Formula 45 of our client caught our eye when they came to us for new bedding. We started them off with a mattress pad cover for an extra layer of protection that is easy to clean. They went with Matouk, the Classic Chain Sheet Set and the Matouk Augusta Blanket with matching Standard Shams. We did a fitted Quilted Coverlet with minimal quilting and piping and two 18-inch throw pillows. The two smaller beds got mattress pad covers and Matouk Essex Sheet Sets. They picked Matouk Pacific Blankets for both beds with Quilted Coverlets as well. Each bed got one Standard Sham for a complete look. The beds were all set and they loved the look!

2009 Formula 45 Bedding Gallery

With showrooms in Southern California and Florida and virtual design appointments available for our out-of-state and international clients, we can assist you in selecting the right fabrics to reflect your personal style. Or you can take a look at our gallery to gain inspiration! Once you place an order, we custom create everything you need to make each stateroom a statement room.  Boating is a lifestyle, make it STYLISH.

Posted on: July 26, 2022