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6 Fabulous Yachting Destinations in the US You May Have Never Thought Of

Traveling throughout the world can be an experience in and of itself, but very little can surpass the thrill and luxury of a yacht. Travelers can revel in the freedom and beauty that a pleasure craft can provide. Most luxury yachts boast amenities designed for maximum relaxation and enjoyment, including swimming pools, personal chefs, outdoor movie theaters, tennis courts, and more.


Still, while getting to your destination can be an adventure on its own, the goal can often just be the beginning of unforgettable memories.


We’ve put together six of the top yachting destinations in the US to keep your cruising as eventful and decadent as possible.


According to Yachting Magazine, a major yachting destination you may not be aware of is Oxford, Maryland. Historically a well-known Chesapeake port, it currently boasts beautiful 18th-century houses, incredible boatyards, and even more decadent seafood. Oxford’s quiet beauty can alluring and worth checking out.


Boating in Nantucket

Boating in Nantucket


Another popular entry revolves around the clear, sparkling waters of St. Petersburg- Clearwater, FL. There’s enough history here to keep you fascinated, coupled with a temperate climate and incredible views. If your tastes run to offshore fishing, inshore fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, and more – this might just be the perfect destination for you.

Yachting in the US isn’t complete until you’ve enjoyed the numerous possibilities in New England. Yachters can visit Newport’s yachting capital, make their way through Martha’s Vineyard, and explore historical beauties like Cape Cod and Nantucket. This coastline is known for lively coastal communities and relaxing beaches.


Alaska is a wild and rugged landscape that is separated from the US by glaciers and mountainous terrain. Recognized as a sought-after yachting destination, Alaska offers pristine views and incredible wildlife. Depending on the time of year, and your luck, you may be able to gaze upon an Alaskan moose, humpback whales, polar bears, seals, and more. Not to mention, the fresh and vibrant Alaskan salmon is a true treat.

Alaska is a beautiful place to visit

Do you consider yourself an adventurous foodie? If so, you may be interested in San Francisco’s vibrant and exciting food scene. San Francisco is renowned the world over for its international restaurant scene, and yachters can easily enjoy the bay views year-long.


It’s not a surprise Florida features twice on this list. Palm Beach, Florida, greets travelers with lush gardens and tropical foliage. Travelers can enjoy natural barrier islands, world-class sports, retail therapy, and more. It’s hard to get bored in this luxurious and breathtaking location.


The US has incredible sandy beaches, views, elegant restaurants, and cozy coastal communities. We invite you to enjoy yachting destinations that you may never have considered.


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Posted on: April 18, 2021