Post 56 Master mattress and pad

Custom Bedding for a Post 56

A good design is something that is pleasing to the eye and at the same time serves the purpose. At, our design team is working continuously to keep our fabric collection updated and making sure we have the best variety to offer to our clients. Check out our house fabrics on our website. Texture, patterns, sparkle, solids, velvet or lines, we have something for everyone. I always recommend my readers to check out our Best-Selling Packages on our home page. All packages are designed keeping in view the principles and elements of design and extra attention to color combination and patterns. The choices are many like nautical, linear patterns, textured and elegant, coral and reef, vibrant and fun prints, soft and neutral, there is something for everyone. Our packages include a quilted coverlet, shams, sheet set, blanket and a custom throw pillow. You can mix and match all our fabrics to create something of your own choice. These images from our Post 56 client is a perfect example of that. The designer is using our Indulge Indigo, Indulge Bayou, and Tribecca fabrics as bedding and has beautifully mixed in Reef, lagoon Coral and Spa as accents. An amazing combination of texture, color and prints all together.

Along with our quilted coverlets, our custom duvets and silken coverlets are also very popular among our customers. Our custom duvet covers bring the perfect amount of color and comfort to your stateroom.  Just like our coverlets, you can mix and match fabrics from our fabric collection to get the perfect look. Our custom duvets are down alternative, low to medium loft that provide comfort and warmth without the bulk. And not to forget one of my favorites, our Silken Coverlet. The quilted matte sheen of our silken coverlets and shams provide a lightweight cool comfort. Made from 400 thread count sateen weave, this coverlet is the perfect solution for a crisp modern look. It is made from Tencel, which is a soft, sustainable product that is great for the environment.  Our custom sheets are a must to go with your bedding. our sheets are sold as a set including a fitted sheet, flat sheet and matching pillow cases. All of our sheets are 140 thread count, just like our 1920’s inspiration. We couple a thicker yarn with an open weave to give you the perfect balance of softness and breathability. We are very proud that our cotton is grown, milled and sewn in the US.  Our Custom Red Land Cotton sheets are available in white and natural. Also check out our Hotel Collection featuring Red Land Cotton. We start with Red Land Cotton’s crisp, heirloom inspired, white percale fabric and accent the flat sheet and pillow cases with custom colored trim to give your stateroom sheets a look befitting a luxury hotel. Available in Navy, Grey, or Sand. is your one stop for all your bedding needs. You are just a click away and we can transform your stateroom into a STATEMENT ROOM.

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Posted on: June 21, 2019