Mainship 31 Sedan Custom Mattress

Custom Mattress Mainship 31 Sedan

Mainship 31 Sedan has an attractive style exterior and at the same time a very spacious interior for the boat this size. They have two stateroom layout that is a pretty amazing achievement in a 31-foot boat. This client went with our Hybrid mattress in memory foam. Yes, we are excited to let you know we are offering our Hybrid Captain mattress in Memory Foam for those that love the feel of Memory Foam. The Captain is an economical way to enjoy the comfort of Memory Foam and freshen up your stateroom. We start with a 3” base of hi-density polyurethane foam and add 2 inches of Memory Foam and cover it in our CoolMax quilting. It’s the perfect choice for guest bunks and crew quarters.  We make everything custom to fit the size and shape of your particular bed. For our Latex lovers, we have Hybrid Mattress in Latex too. Our most popular in Latex category is our 7” Commodore. Constructed with a 6″ Latex core and covered in an ultra-soft bamboo quilting, The Commodore is comfort.  The benefits of a latex mattress include being mold and mildew resistant, extremely comfortable, latex helps regulate body heat, which allows you to sleep cooler and it is bendable and breathable. It is available in Soft, Medium Firm and Firm.  Also, for our customers who love a plush mattress, we offer pillow top on our latex mattresses. You can enjoy pillow top on our 7” mattress or get our luxurious 9” Admiral pillow top that is truly the leader of the fleet.

Getting a great night of sleep on your boat has never been easier.  With several boat mattress and mattress topper options to choose from, we are able to create a sleeping solution to fit all budgets. Each boat mattress we make is crafted custom in California and built to stand up to rigors of a marine environment. We have more than 1000 boat patterns on file so there is a good chance we have your pattern. Feel free to email us with any inquiries you have regarding our mattresses, toppers and bedding and our team will be happy assist you in transforming your stateroom into a STATEMENT ROOM.

Mainship 31 Sedan

Posted on: June 24, 2019