Riveria 3600 SY Mattress

Custom Mattresses on a Riveria 39 Coupe

Riviera was founded in 1981 by Bill Barry-Cotter, a name well known in Australian offshore racing boat circles. By 1985, Riviera had grown to become the largest builder of production boats in Australia. In 2009, Riviera filed bankruptcy due to recession but resumed back in 2010. In 2012, Riviera was purchased by Longhurst Holding, an Australian investment company.

This Riviera client does not plan to spend a lot of nights on board, but they wanted their forward stateroom to look great since you see it right when you board the boat. We upholstered our best selling 7″ Latex mattress with a fun, vibrant Sunbrella fabric,  which gives a clean and crisp look. We believe a good mattress needs to be supportive, comfortable and at the same time mold and mildew resistant. We offer Latex mattresses because they are 100 percent mold and mildew resistant, which makes them a healthy choice.   We make all items custom for each order. We have our most popular mattresses on our website for easy accessibility for our customers. Our top seller is our 7-inch Commodore. This one is assembled by starting with a 6-inch latex core and then we enclosed it in our very soft bamboo quilting. You can get this one in soft, medium or firm, the way you like it.  At Yachtbedding.com, we offer quite a few options when it comes to mattresses and toppers and can come up with a sleeping solution to fit most budgets.

We have endless choices when it comes to fabrics. Our house fabrics can all be viewed on our website under Fabrics. We often turn to Sunbrella for its great fade and stain resistant qualities. Sunbrella Fabrics are great for outdoor and indoor purposes. Low upkeep and easy to wash, Sunbrella Fabrics are considered ideal for marine environment. All our bedding is created to fit your custom mattress and there are limitless styles available. Quilted coverlets, duvets, blankets, silken coverlets, matelassé coverlets and many more; all can be made custom for your bed so you can have your own personal touch to your stateroom.

Our team is always available to help you with any questions and are delighted to help to make your stateroom into a STATEMENT ROOM.

Posted on: November 4, 2019