Pershing 62 Master Bedding

Custom Pershing 62 Mattresses and Bedding

The clean and sleek design of this Pershing 62 is a perfect match with our Sferra Linens. Sferra is all about percale, a soft, crisp feel and elegant look. For this client, we combined the Sferra Orlo Collection with our latex pillowtop mattresses for a comfortable, practical and appealing look.  We specialize in Latex mattresses because they are 100 percent mold and mildew resistant which is a fantastic quality for a boat.

Latex mattresses are extremely comfortable so you will be well rested while cruising on your boat. For our boat mattresses and toppers, we start with a latex base and have a soft bamboo quilting that is also antimicrobial.  We use a breathable marine vinyl on the bottom to allow air flow.

Pershing 62 Mattresses Custom Boat Mattress

For this Pershing 62, the dual purpose media area has a couch that extends out to a sleeping area.  We made a 3″ topper and bedding to fit the space exactly. The topper and bedding can easily be store when not in use.  All of our products are manufactured in California and everything is custom made to fit the exact size and shape of your particular yacht bed. The Sferra Orlo Collection is unique because of its bold and striking trim detail that catches attention right away and truly becomes the focal point of the room. It is best suited for a stylish cabin to give a modernized look. Percale weave with medium weight, firmness, no gloss and great washing ability makes it a remarkable choice for bed linens for your boat. Our Sferra duvets work very well in an open style bed setting such as a square or rectangular bed. Custom duvets are also available in variety of fabrics all displayed on our webpage. 


Bedding is our thing and no matter what is the shape of your bed and how tight the space is, we guarantee a custom fit for your sheets and bedspread that will allow you to make your bed in just seconds and will give a tailored crisp look to your stateroom.  Go through our website to find your desired bedding option and let us know how we can help you. intent to render best customer service to our shoppers and we stand by our products. 

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Posted on: February 12, 2020