Ranger Tug R31 Topper System

Custom Topper System Ranger Tug R31

Here you see a Ranger Tug R31 bed with our custom quilted coverlet made with Sunbrella Fabric. Sunbrella fabrics are not only beautiful but they are very practical as well. These fabrics are very forgiving on stains, fade proof and maintain their true colors. We always like to remind our shoppers out there that we have all current and retired patterns on file for all Ranger Tug and Cutwater boats . If you are looking to update your Ranger Tug or Cutwater beds, Yachtbedding.com is your best choice. We have come up with a very practical and convenient system when it comes to these beds. We call it the  Topper Sleep System.

Topper Sleep System

Our Topper Sleep System is created to make the task of bed making effortless and elevate the comfort and convenience level at the same time. Out Topper Sleep System includes a custom made # ” topper, a custom sheet set and a quilted coverlet. Our 3″ topper will sit directly on your existing cushions; our custom sheet set will fit onto the topper and the custom quilted bedspread will lay right on top, which keeps everything looking tidy.

Fabric Choice

We have over 70 options in our house fabric collection. Aside from the fabrics that we stock, we also have access to all Sunbrella fabrics.. Sunbrella is a fantastic option for outdoor and indoor purposes. Water and fade resistant, low upkeep and easy to care for, Sunbrella Fabrics are considered ideal for the marine environment. You can add more items to our Sleep System and mix and match fabrics to acquire your own personal touch. 

Yachtbedding.com is always updating; coming up with solutions and adding new fabrics to our collection to assist our clients. Our goal is to make the selection process easy for our clients so they can put together the perfect stateroom that reflects their style. 

Our team is always available to help you with your inquiries and concerns. Feel free to reach out to us so we can make over your stateroom into a STATEMENT ROOM.


Posted on: March 11, 2020