Cutwater 30 Custom Mattress

Cutwater 30 Topper Sleep System

If you own a Cutwater, we have you covered. At, we carry patterns for all Cutwater models, old and new. To bring utmost comfort to our Cutwater clients, we offer our Topper Sleep System. Our Topper System was designed to increase comfort, make the task of making the bed easier and keep your boat looking ship shape. Our 3″ topper will sit directly on your existing cushions; our custom sheet set will fit onto the topper and the custom quilted bedspread will lay right on top. All of our toppers are made using a 3” layer of soft latex thick to provide a plush layer of comfort and are made from the same materials as our mattresses.  We custom make your topper to fit your existing mattress and include a nonslip underling to keep everything in place. Wrapped in bamboo and finished just like a mattress, our toppers offer a mold and mildew resistant solution to your comfort problem.  Our Topper Sleep System includes a custom topper, a sheet set and a quilted coverlet. Our customers love our Topper Sleep System because it is so convenient to get everything custom in just a click and you have your dream comfortable bed in no time. In the image here, you can see our 3-inch topper, how perfectly it lays on top of your stock bed. Combine it with our custom sheets that will fit right on this topper. Next image shows you our Quilted Coverlet in our sparkling Champagne Fabric.  Our quilted coverlets fit the size of your bed, are quilted with a medium weight batting, have a piping trim edge and a drop to give a beautiful custom look. You see column quilting here, you also have an option to get box quilting for your custom coverlets. Our quilted coverlets are perfect for keeping your stateroom looking tidy and are a breeze while making the bed.

Our suggestion is, if you are an owner of a Cutwater, contact us and we will take care of the rest. You can also order our Topper system through our website. Look for the Ranger Tugs/Cutwater Boats section on our homepage.

Cutwater 30

Posted on: September 5, 2019