Elevating Your Boat’s Outdoor Area

The outdoor area on a yacht is a designated space typically located on the upper deck or bow of the yacht, where guests can relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the surrounding views while at sea. Sometimes, it may also be called the “sun deck” or “sun lounge,” depending on the layout and design of the yacht. With boating season in full swing, it’s a great time to revamp your outdoor area for ultimate fun, relaxation and socializing. Boats like the Sunseeker, Azimut, Princess, Feretti and Bentteti, have expansive and spacious outdoor areas for ultimate entertaining.

Here are some ways to elevate the outdoor experience:

Plush Pillows: Provide an abundance of soft pillows in various shapes and sizes to ensure maximum comfort. YachtBedding.com can create custom pillows for you with our amazing Outdura fabrics, perfect for the marine environment. We can even use your own fabrics if you have your favorites on-hand. Outdoor fabric is highly suggested for outdoor pillows. We make pillow weights to help them stay on place while underway!

Adjustable Sunshade or Umbrella: Install a retractable sunshade or umbrella to provide shade and protection from the sun’s rays, allowing guests to enjoy sunbathing comfortably for extended periods.

Built-in Speakers: Incorporate built-in speakers or a sound system into the outdoor area, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite music or podcasts while lounging in the sun.

Refreshing Beverage Station:
Install a small refrigerator or cooler nearby stocked with chilled beverages, such as water, sodas, and cocktails, to keep guests hydrated and refreshed throughout the day.

Snack Bar: Set up a snack bar with a selection of light bites, such as fresh fruit, nuts, finger foods like cheese and crackers,
sushi rolls, mini sandwiches, and refreshing salads, allowing guests to indulge in tasty treats without having to leave the outdoor area. Don’t forget coordinating tabletop items like serving platters, bowls, cocktail napkins and napkin holders.

Water Misters or Fans: Install water misters or fans around your outdoor area to provide a cooling breeze on hot days, ensuring guests stay comfortable and refreshed while soaking up the sun.

Floating Platforms or Mats: Provide inflatable floating platforms or mats hat guests can use to lounge on the water, adding an extra element of relaxation and fun to the experience.

Games and Activities: Keep a selection of games and activities, such as waterproof playing cards, board games, or paddleball sets, on hand for guests to enjoy while lounging in your outdoor area.

Scenic Views: Position seating in a prime location on the yacht, offering panoramic views of the surrounding scenery, whether it’s crystal-clear waters, stunning coastlines, or bustling harbors, enhancing the overall experience of relaxation and enjoyment.

May these tips and insights serve as inspiration for your future adventures on the high seas!





Posted on: May 8, 2024