Riveria 36 Master

Fresh bedding and mattress for a Riveria 36 Sport Fish

Riviera 36 with its conservative lines, actually differ this yacht from the other more stand out styles like Sea Rays and Sunseeker. The Riviera 3600’s two-stateroom interior features a fully enclosed salon rather than the open main deck layout seen in many hardtop yachts. It has two staterooms below. The master is forward with queen size bed. The guest stateroom has top and bottom twin berths. It was an exciting project to work on this yacht. New mattress, Sunbrella bedding, quilted coverlets, blanket and fun throw pillows. The mattress in the image not only looks very comfortable but truly is. This is our 9” Admiral. One of the plushest mattress you can find. We start with a super comfy 6” (medium) Latex core and then add 2” of ultra-soft latex Pillow Top and cover it in the plushest of bamboo quilting. The benefits of a latex mattress include being mold and mildew resistant, extremely comfortable, latex helps regulate body heat, which allows you to sleep cooler, and it will not absorb smells. Along with the mattress, we did the quilted coverlet in sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella being the performance fabric works great for marine environment. It’s amazing qualities to keep colors from fading and being water resistant makes these fabrics very practical to use for your boat interiors and exterior. The sharp contrast of red and blue looks classic in this master stateroom and not to forget the anchor blanket bringing the nautical touch to the whole design. Keeping the same family of blue but using entirely different fabric, spots wood stripe, to bring the variety in the aft twin berth yet carrying along the theme by adding the Anchor throw pillow. An interesting combination of the two elements of design: Unity and Variety! All in all, I love this whole set up and I am sure you do too. If you are interested in transforming your staterooms into one of these classic designs, then we are just a phone call away. Feel free to contact us if you are in need of a new mattress or topper or you just feel the need to refresh your stateroom and we will be happy to help you out. Visit our website to view our Best-Selling Bedding Packages and you never know, you may find your dream bedding right in there and all it needs is just a click!

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Posted on: June 16, 2018