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Fun Fall Boating Activities

For most boat owners, the change in season means it’s time to bring the boat ashore and store it until spring. But not so fast! There’s still time to enjoy your boat this fall — just try one of these fun Fall boating activities.

Go Leaf Peeping

If there’s one this fall is famous for, it’s the changing leaves. The “fall colors” have inspired tourists from all over the country for years, and if you have a boat, you can enjoy this natural wonder from the water.

Leaf peeping from your boat offers an unobstructed view of the trees with far fewer crowds than you might see on the trails. Simply find a favorite lake (or one you’ve never visited before), pack some cider or pumpkin spice treats, and spend the afternoon marveling at the stunning Autumn treeline. This activity is sure to leave you awestruck and put you in a fall mood.

Do Some Fall Fishing

Everyone loves fishing in the summer: spending days on the water, basking in the sun, trying your luck with the local fish. But did you know that fall fishing can be a great opportunity to catch yourself a whopper?

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In the fall, fish become more aggressive as they store up reserves for the winter. This means you can catch fish more easily and more frequently throughout the day! Also, lakes and rivers tend to be less crowded in the fall, which means that you can enjoy some peace and quiet while you fish.

Try Sterngating

In many households, fall means football. A return to Sunday games, fantasy leagues, and tailgate parties with your friends and loved ones. But if you have a boat, you could take things to the next level and try a hot new trend that’s capturing boat owners’ imaginations: sterngating.


What is sterngating? Basically, it’s tailgating while on your boat. This fall activity is a great way to spend game day, as it allows you to avoid crowds, stock up on more snacks and drinks than your car can hold, and invite even more friends! Just load up the boat, take it out on the water (bonus points if you can dock it near the stadium), turn on the game, and get ready to party all day.


These activities can help you extend boating season just a little longer — because as we all know, life is better on the water! 


Deck out your Deck!


Maybe after your Turkey Day and Black Friday festivities come to an end, you can gather up the family and decorate your boat for the holidays! Whether that entails colorful stringed lights or festive linens and trimmings—we won’t judge. The point is to make it fun, cozy and in the spirit of the season!

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Posted on: November 12, 2021