Tiara 3900 Open Custom Mattress

New Mattress and Sheets in a Tiara 3900 Open

T he Tiara 3900 Open is a classic combination of both leisure and comfort. The 3900 is a magnificent boat featuring a large cockpit, spacious bridge-deck, raised aft-facing bench, sky-light hatch and beautiful teak trimmed interior.

We Installed one of our all-time favorite mattresses, the Commodore 7-inch Latex mattress for this happy customer. As you can see in the image below we created a completely custom mattress to perfectly fit the space in the forward cabin.  Our soft bamboo quilting is a great touch that not only adds comfort, but also provides a healthy, breathable, antimicrobial property to our mattress. Regardless of shape and size, Yachtbedding.com specializes in making all products custom for you.

Why Latex?

 Latex is always our number one suggestion to our shoppers. Latex gives you 100 percent protection against mold and mildew and is very comfortable to sleep on.  Our latex mattresses come in different sizes and any custom shape.  Our 9-inch pillow top Admiral, 7-inch Commodore, 7-inch Commodore Supreme, and 6-inch Captain are our most popular mattresses, but if you are looking for a specific feel, or love your mattress at home, we can suggest a great fit for you.

Make It Comfy With Our Custom Sheets!

We offer a wide range of custom sheets to fit on your new mattress. Our sheets are sold as a set and include a fitted sheet, flat sheet and matching pillowcases. Redland Sheets are our standard collection and our customers love sleeping on them. These sheets are 140 thread count just like the 1920’s inspiration of Red Land Cotton. There is a lot of confusion on thread count. Many people think the higher the thread count, the better the sheets. Actually, it is the quality of the cotton and the finishing of the cotton that is the most important. We only use our finest long staple cotton to weave a substantial single-ply yarn. The combination of our thread count, our cotton, and our yarn size make a luxuriously soft fabric that is also breathable. Our basic Redland sheets are available in White and Natural. We also have our Red Land Hotel Collection where you can get colored trims on your flat sheet and pillowcases. Available in Navy, sand and grey.

Yachtbedding.com is always updating fabrics, collections and styles. Visit our website to explore our products and contact us if you are interested in remolding your stateroom into a STATEMENT ROOM.

Tiara 3900 Open Custom Mattress

Posted on: March 17, 2020