Grand Banks 42 Mattress

New Mattresses for Grand Banks 42

When we talk about one of the best traditional trawlers around, Grand Banks is the first name that comes in our minds. The fame of this iconic trawler cannot be questioned. Among their all amazing designs, Grand Banks 42 Classic is one of the most successful trawler ever produced. The original mahogany construction, semi-displacement hull, full teak interiors with the galley in the salon and most with port and starboard deck doors. Large cabin windows provide great visibility from the lower helm in all directions. The everlasting style and construction has proven 42 Classic to be in more demand than any of its competition. We made a custom mattress for this Grand Banks 42 Classic, 1984.


Well, to choose a boat mattress seems like a tiring process with so many things to consider and evaluate. Let me share an interesting piece of information before we get down to that. The word mattress derives from the Arabic word “Matrah” which means, something thrown down to rest on. The first thing that comes to mind with this info is comfort. Comfort is the utmost thing to consider when choosing a mattress whether it is for your home or boat.

Materials for our Boat Mattresses

The materials mattresses are made from play a vital role in providing the level of comfort to the user. Our mattresses are Latex. We prefer to use latex because it is mold and mildew resistant, extremely comfortable, sleeps cool, it is very flexible that makes it super easy to make the bed and get fitted sheets on, and it also holds up very well against body impressions. We make all our mattresses custom to fit the size and shape of your specific boat and add hinge with no additional cost if needed. The images here is a great example of that how accurately the mattress fits according to the specific requirements of this bed. We have three simple options to choose from when it comes to mattresses. Our 7” Commodore constructed with a 6″ Latex core and covered in an ultra-soft bamboo quilting.


The 9” Admiral with a super comfy 6” medium latex core with 2” of ultra-soft latex pillow top and covered in the plushest of our bamboo quilting. And lastly, the Hybrid which is an economical way to enjoy the comfort of latex where we start with a 3” base of high density polyurethane foam and add 2 inches of soft latex and cover it in our plush bamboo quilting.


Visit our website or give us a call if you have any questions regarding our products. Everyone deserves a good night sleep on their boat and our team can make the selection process smooth and simple for you.

Grand Banks 42 Mattress Gallery

We have Extra Soft to Firm Latex to create your perfect Custom Mattress for whatever boat you have. With a vast pattern library, we are very sure to have your boat in our archives, but if we don’t, sending you a Template Kit is fast and it’s so easy to use that anyone can do it!  We are happy to help you choose from our Core Fabrics or pull from our Outdura and Sunbrella fabrics to get your style and aesthetic reflected in your boat.  We service both Coasts and Ship internationally as well. 


We have a Showroom at Sunroad Marina in San Diego and a Factory Showroom in Huntington Beach for you to test our Custom Mattresses, see the quality and colors of our fabrics and feel all of our linens from Red Land Cotton, SFERRA and Matouk. Or you can take a look at our Photo Gallery to get inspired! Once you place an order, we custom create everything you need to make each stateroom a statement room.  Boating is a lifestyle, make it STYLISH.

Posted on: April 12, 2018