NÜ Memory Foam Custom Boat Mattress Topper

NÜ Memory Foam Custom Boat Mattress Topper



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Our custom-made Toppers add luxurious comfort to your existing mattress.

Adding a custom-made topper to your mattress can be a cost-effective way to enhance your comfort on board.  It’s not secret that while traditional viscoelastic memory foam is wildly popular in the home mattress market it has certain draw backs in a marine environment, namely it sleeps hot in warmer climates and becomes stiff and ridged when it’s cold.   When developing our memory foam topper we searched high and low for the perfect material to give our customers that sinking feeling that only memory foam can provide without the negatives.

We are excited to introduce our 3″ NÜ Memory Foam Topper:  We start with 2” of our NÜ Memory Foam cover it with our 1” premium plush bamboo quilting to provide a topper that gives you that memory foam feel without any of the drawbacks.  Our NÜ Memory Foam topper is the perfect solution when you’re not quite ready to replace your stock mattress or need to add comfort to a multi cushion berth like a settee berth or traditional v-berth.  We custom make your topper to fit your existing mattress or settee and include a nonslip underling to keep everything in place.

All of our toppers are 2″ thick to provide a plush layer of padding and are made from the same materials as the best mattresses. We’ll custom make your topper to fit your existing mattress regardless of the shape or size.

*Note if your current mattress is too soft and sagging a topper is not the right solution*

Small (up to 38″wide) – $575
Medium (39″-60″wide) – $675
Large (over 61″wide) – $775

Latex VS Memory Foam

Many customers ask about the difference in feel between Latex and Nu Memory Foam.  Latex is rubber based and as a result has a bouncy and springy feel, while soft it pushes back against you providing a supportive yet soft feel.  When you get up off of the bed the latex bounces back quickly.   Our Nu Memory Foam is slow recovery just like traditional memory foam.  Nu Memory foam breaks away from you, conforming to your body, giving you that sinking/hugging feel that memory foam is famous for.  Both materials in our testing do an excellent job in reducing pressure points on the body, but which material is better is completely subjective and a matter of personal preference.   

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