The Hāyväl Boat Mattress Topper

The Hāyväl Boat Mattress Topper




Our custom-made Toppers add luxurious comfort to your existing mattress.

We have taken our wildly popular HAYVAL mattress and made it into a topper.  It is the world’s first custom natural topper, made specifically for the marine environment.  HAYVAL is a topper free of polyurethane foams, chemical fire retardants, and as close to 100% organic as possible.  We start with 2″ of plush natural Talalay latex and cover it in Certified Organic Cotton that is quilted with natural latex and natural Joma Wool from New Zealand.  We use wool for a number of reasons; not only is it antimicrobial, and offers natural temperature control, it also acts as a natural fire barrier. Inspired by some of the finest mattresses from Europe, The HAYVAL  Mattress Topper is custom crafted by hand in our Huntington Beach factory to fit your existing mattress regardless of the shape or size. 

*Note if your current mattress is too soft and sagging a topper is not the right solution*

Medium (39″-60″wide) – $1065
Large (over 61″wide) – $1195

Latex VS Memory Foam

Many customers ask about the difference in feel between Latex and Nu Memory Foam.  Latex is rubber based and as a result has a bouncy and springy feel, while soft it pushes back against you providing a supportive yet soft feel.  When you get up off of the bed the latex bounces back quickly.  Our Nu Memory Foam is slow recovery just like traditional memory foam.  Nu Memory foam breaks away from you, conforming to your body, giving you that sinking/hugging feel that memory foam is famous for.  Both materials in our testing do an excellent job in reducing pressure points on the body, but which material is better is completely subjective and a matter of personal preference.