Ranger Tug 29 Bedding

Ranger Tug 29CB Topper System

It would not be wrong to say that if you are looking around to add some comfort and style to your Ranger Tug beds, then we are your best choice. We are proud to declare we carry each and every pattern of all the Ranger Tugs models out there. Visit our website and have a look at our Ranger Tug section on our homepage. Our Topper System was designed to increase comfort, make the task of making the bed easier and keep your boat looking ship shape. Our 3″ topper will sit directly on your existing cushions; our custom sheet set will fit onto the topper and the custom quilted bedspread will lay right on top. For this Ranger Tug client, we offered our topper system. If you are familiar with Ranger Tug beds, you know well, how uncomfortable the cushions are. Our 3” latex topper will give you the extra comfort you have been looking for. The image shows our custom sheets and you can see how beautifully and easily they fit right on to the topper, making it so much easier to make the bed. Our custom quilted coverlet is part of our Topper system. Our coverlets fit the size of your bed, are quilted with a medium weight batting, have a piping trim edge and a drop to give a beautiful custom look as you can see in the image here. The designer has used our coliseum fabric, shades of navy blue and off-white in a busy pattern creating a fun environment. I always recommend my readers and clients to view the Ranger Tug and Cutwater section on our Home page. The images there speak for themselves how comfortable the transformation of the cushions to the topper system is and how great the bedding looks giving the perfect custom look you desire. With several boat mattresses and topper options to choose from, we have something to fit everyone’s budget and style. All our mattress and toppers are made custom according to the size and shape of your berth. We can use the material you prefer but we specialize and strongly recommend latex. The benefits of latex are its mold and mildew resistant, extremely comfortable, it regulates body heat so you sleep cooler than warmer and it doesn’t absorb smell. Latex is very supportive because it is a high-pressure material that pushes back against you and offer a spring like feel. Memory foam and poly-urethane foam do not offer the same support and comfort of latex. Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your choices of mattresses, toppers and bedding to transform your stateroom into your DREAM ROOM.

Ranger Tug 29 TopperRanger Tug 29 Bedding

Posted on: July 2, 2018