Ranger Tug 29

Ranger Tug 29S Topper System

Ranger Tugs are a very popular trailerable, tug style boat that ranges in size from 21′ to 31′, with a larger model set to debut in 2018.  Manufactured by a talented group in the Pacific Northwest, these tugs have a very loyal customer base.  The design on Ranger Tugs is very well thought out and many things have dual purpose and can be converted for an additional use, such as seating.  The design team packs a lot of punch into a small area.  

On this particular model, the 29S, it has a designated stateroom, which is great for weekend getaways.  We have designed a Topper Sleep System that works fantastic for the Ranger Tugs.  Although each model is a little different, we have patterns on hand for the entire current line up.  We start with a 3″ custom latex mattress topper that adds a lot of comfort to the existing pads.  

We then make the sheets to fit onto the topper so it is easier to make the bed and it keeps the sheet in place. Next is the custom fit bedspread that sits right on top and keeps everything looking great.  Pillow shams, throw pillows, blankets and other custom pieces are also available, but our Topper System includes a 3″ topper, custom sheet set and custom quilted coverlet.  Take a look at our Ranger Tug and Cutwater Boats section of our website to view fabrics and see examples of some of the models.

Ranger Tug 29 TopperRanger Tug 29 SheetsRanger Tug 29

Posted on: November 6, 2017