Sea Ray 280 Bedding

Sea Ray 280 Topper and Bedding

Ok, so you finally bought the boat that you have been only dreaming of for years. You plan to use it for overnight stays weekends to escape from the busy work week. You bring sheets and bedding from home to make the odd shaped sleeping area comfortable, but you wake up sore and exhausted from not sleeping, sound familiar? has a great solution for those odd shaped bed areas.  For this Sea Ray 280 Sundancer, the client wanted to be comfortable on weekends and also have the bed look nice when it is not in use.  Our 2″ latex topper and custom bedding did just that!  We will make the topper to custom fit your sleeping space.  A custom topper not only adds comfort and help hide the crevices of the cushions, it also acts as a mattress that the yacht bedding will fit onto, so the bedding stays in place.  Many clients keep the  forward area made up as a bed full time since they use the deck to do their entertaining, but the topper and bedding could also be stored and brought out when overnight trips are planned.  Sleep is very important and your nights on board should be well rested.  Email us with your year, make and model for a quote

Sea Ray 280 Cushions

Sea Ray 280 Topper

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Sea Ray 280 Bedding

Posted on: October 20, 2017