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Seasonal Gathering: Must Haves for Sailgating and Holiday Entertaining on the Water

Despite the shifting seasons, fall is an ideal time to congregate on the water’s edge, during a time when family, friends and gathering are top of mind. Even with the chillier temps, it’s a fun excuse to grab a warm blanket, get together with loved ones, and soak in nature and great company. In this article, we go over what “sailgating” is and how you can tie this into your autumn and winter festivities!

What is Sailgating?

“Sailgating” is a term that combines two activities: sailing and tailgating. It refers to the practice of enjoying a tailgating-style experience while on a boat or a sailing vessel.

Much like traditional tailgating, which often takes place in parking lots before sports events or concerts, sailgating involves socializing, grilling, enjoying food and drinks, and having a good time. However, sailgating occurs on boats, usually before or during events like boat races, regattas, or other water-based activities where boats gather.

Sailgating often involves boats anchoring near an event location or designated area on the water. People on these boats then create a social atmosphere, sometimes decorating their boats, playing music, barbecuing, and enjoying each other’s company while watching the event or simply relaxing on the water.


Your Sailgating Must-Have List:

  • Food and Beverages: Portable grill, utensils, cooler with ice, drinks (consider non-glass containers), and easy-to-eat finger foods. We have a bevy of tableware ready for all your entertaining needs at our showrooms.
  • Seafood appetizers: Speaking of food, you’re on a boat, so seafood is a fitting idea! Think oysters on ice, crab cakes, shrimp cocktail or something easy like shrimp cocktail. Here’s a great list of recipes.
  • Cozy throw blankets for guests: make sure you have several blankets on hand for your guests. Roll them up and throw them in a nice rope basket for a beautiful touch.
  • Weather Essentials: Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, are always a must.
  • Safety Gear: Life jackets, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and any required safety equipment as per boating regulations.
  • Entertainment: Portable Bluetooth speaker, games suitable for a boat (e.g., cards, small board games), and perhaps a fishing setup if desired.
  • Navigation and Safety Lights: Ensure your boat has proper lighting for navigation and safety purposes, especially if staying out after sunset.
  • Docking/Anchoring Tools: Lines, fenders, and other tools needed for secure docking or anchoring.
  • Extra Supplies: Extra fuel, batteries, and any boat-specific maintenance items that might be needed.
  • Guest Bedding: If your guests will be staying overnight, make sure their quarters are warm and comfortable. Consider upgrading your bunks with mattress toppers and luxe sheets for a hotel-quality feel.

Sailgating is a unique way to combine the love of boating or sailing with the camaraderie and fun of tailgating, creating a distinctive social experience centered around water-based events. We hope you have a ton of fun this holiday season!


Posted on: November 20, 2023