Winter Yachting Essentials

Winter Yacht Gear Essentials

It can get pretty cold in the winter. It can be even colder on a moving yacht. Wind, water, throw in some weather, and you’ve got yourself a nippy journey ahead. You don’t have to chatter your teeth this season if you do some thoughtful preparation. Stay cozy and far away from hypothermia while on your yachting adventures with these winter yachting gear essentials.

Whether it’s splashes, waves, or extreme cold, most experts agree it’s smart to wear a wetsuit when you are winter yachting. For the bitter cold, West Coast Sailing recommends a drysuit underneath your clothes for 100% waterproof protection and insulation. A drysuit could mean more fun for you, allowing extreme weather conditions and even full submersion while still keeping dry with fabric that seals at the neck and wrists. If you’re sailing in slightly warmer conditions, says the article, wetsuits are also a great alternative. They allow flexibility and less bulk than a drysuit. Most are designed as a sleeveless, full body suit, but you can also opt for just a wetsuit top. All three can be worn with thermal layers underneath.


staying warm

Wearing the proper clothes is important, but the heat source on your boat plays a big role during the winter, too, says Discover Boating. Electric heaters, reverse cycle, or gravity fed diesel heaters are all great options, says the article. Make sure to stay safe from fires by using electric heaters that automatically turn off if tipped over and check your fuel level if using a diesel heater after a long voyage.


Beyond Clothing

Now that clothes and heaters are taken care of, let’s talk cozy; specifically, soft, warm blankets. Just think of how nice you will feel on a crisp, cold day, the wind whipping through your hair, and you are bundled under a thick throw blanket. Bonus points if it has an anchor on it. In all seriousness, keeping a throw blanket onboard will ward off the cold and help you enjoy your winter trip way more. Discover Boating suggests getting yourself a wool blanket and making sure it’s clean and fresh for the season ahead if you’ve kept them in storage. What’s even better than warming up under a throw blanket? We can’t think of anything more comforting than getting under a luxurious quilt and laying on a plush boat mattress hand-crafted by none other than us—!

That leaves us two, very important additions to your yacht to consider: a sprayhood and cockpit tent. According to Yachting Monthly, these are the best improvements to your yacht you can make, especially during the winter. These “roofs” provide a drying area, a place to contain heat, add more space to your yacht, and extend the use during the seasons.

Some additional items to consider this winter are extra batteries and lights for the long, dark hours, high-collared clothing for the consistent windchill, and thick gloves and sailing boots, says Yachting Monthly.

Winter can be the most exciting time to yacht, as long as you think ahead and plan well. Keeping safe, warm, and happy are the most important aspects of your winter yachting excursions. With these ideas, you’re sure to have a happier trip. Happy sailing this winter!

Posted on: November 4, 2022