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Yacht Design Ideas for 2022

Interior design is fun, and it’s not limited to your apartment or house! Let’s take it to the water. The minor changes to creating a stylish yacht can make a big impression. 

The easiest way to create a stylish yacht is by presenting clean and orderly space. Obscuring extra items from sight with closed cabinets and sleek storage ottomans allows the eye to focus on the beauty of the existing arrangement of the room. Keeping furniture to a minimum, along with the absence of clutter, is one approach that allows space to appear wider. With the idea that less is more, this trend is easily enhanced on a yacht with the use of glass. Simple, unadorned windows pull the outdoors to indoors, increasing the sense of space through visual appeal and natural light.

In addition, due to the pandemic, we are all in need of functional spaces. Since so many of us work, rest, and socialize in one place now, the traditional open area set up needs to be broken up with tasteful dividers for organic, personal space. While the open area design strategy is always attractive, this year it needs to be coupled with private areas as well. This combination lends itself to a necessary and affordable style upgrade. Think of ways your salon both function as a communal and private space.


Next, in the spirit of environmental awareness, green is the color. Balanced by a complimentary palette of warm earth tones such as sandstone and cream, nature inspired colors and shapes dominate as a popular style in 2022. Wall pieces, rugs, shower curtains, and murals will have an over emphasis of varying shades of green while further interior design trends align with sustainability concepts with the use of raw materials, natural textures, and vintage items. Semicircular couches, as well as curved armchairs, headboards, and countertops send a resounding shout out to eco-friendliness, and we are called to consider our planet’s wellbeing.


Inside your yacht you will be inundated with impressions of planet Earth. Layered textured wall coverings, bedding, and accent pillows made of images from natural materials such as leather, wood, and coconut husk will surround you. Aligning with the idea of sustainability, retail and reused items will be popular, and your own unique style will emerge. If you are looking for patterned, foliage, or solid-colored pieces, finding durable and affordable items just takes a little searching. The hunt can make it all worthwhile when it is yours, for your yacht and your world.

High quality duvets and coverlets can set the stage. Elegant throw pillows can also make a statement with your boat’s theme. Let us help bring your design ideas to life. Custom boat bedding is our specialty.

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Posted on: January 12, 2022