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Yachting in the USA


hen did your love of sailing begin? Was it when you were a child? Did you soak in the sound of the waves and the feel of the air? Many lifelong sports are discovered through early exposure through summer camps. While some children might be interested in summer sailing camps, others might feel pushed out of their comfort zone, but either way, learning safety, technical skills, and the enjoyment of sailing is, thankfully, something still alive and well in 2021. The summer programs and camps across the country positively influencing children and teaching good sailing skills is the reason the sport evolves into new experiences for many adults.


As an adult, owning a boat brings many wonderful opportunities. Exploring, racing, and traveling can all be part of this lifestyle. Meeting with friends and having a party is also a viable option and boat ownership is not even required for a party! Renting a boat for a party is widely available as well as are hosting services. Throwing a yacht party is basically like throwing a regular party. You will need to set a budget, decide on a guest list, send out invitations, and plan for food and music. Scheduling a yacht far enough in advance may be the only difference from a regular party. Tips on how to accomplishment these steps are here.

how to throw a yacht party

Beyond these basics, selecting an intriguing theme with a matching dress code keeps things interesting. It’s important to be specific on the invitation about what to wear so everyone knows what to expect and feels comfortable. The boat itself will set a tone, but even more important is the destination. Where will the boat be going? Will it be staying docked or traveling around a coastal bend?  Moving on the water and seeing new sights will certainly hold your guests’ attention.


Do you have your guests’ beds prepared? You might want to spruce up the sheets and pillows to something new and comfortable. Our latex pillows are built for maritime environments—mold and mildew resistant plus they’re soft and cool. Bed pillows like these are an inexpensive way to treat your party guests to good night’s sleep. Our Red Land Hotel Sheets are a luxurious option that our clients love.

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If the idea of a yacht party has you interested in learning more, visiting yacht and boat shows may be the next step. There are several in the USA in 2021-2022. The Tampa Boat Show will be held at the Tampa Convention Center September 10-12, 2021. Featuring on-water instruction, a Jr. Captain’s Program for children, and Progressive Insurance Boat Club booth where you can practice docking. The United States Powerboat Show October 7-10, 2021 will be in City Dock, Annapolis, MD. You are welcome to climb aboard and explore a variety of boats, talk to industry experts, and purchase boating supplies and equipment. Later, in the winter, the Progressive Nashville Boat Show will be coming January 2022. Visit the Music Center to see the Hawg Trough Fishing demonstration, participate in a free boating safety course, or use a free boating simulator.

Building from the skills learned in childhood, there is always something wonderful about being on the water. Explore the life of sailing.

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Posted on: March 31, 2021